Was passiert, wenn ich mit 16 oder 17 Jahren geheiratet habe?

What happens, if I got married when I was 16 or 17 years old?

You are not yet 18 years old and you got married when you were 16 or 17? Then, at first, your marriage counts as valid. But in Germany you cannot get married when you are younger than 18 years old. This is why the marriage needs to be annulled by a judge. An annulment is like a divorce. After the annulment, you count as not married anymore in Germany. There are only few exceptions.
If your home country is in the European Union, then your marriage will probably be valid.
You will soon turn 18? Then maybe your marriage will be valid – if you want that. When you are 18, you can decide if you want to be married or not. The judge needs to accept your decision.

If you are not yet 18 years old and you came to Germany without your parents, the Youth Welfare Office will help you. The Youth Welfare Office is a state agency that takes care of children and young people.
The Youth Welfare Office also helps you, if you disagree with your parents about your marriage. A counselling center can also help you! You can talk to the women who work there.

Until the annulment of your marriage you can live together with your husband. But only if you want that, and only, if he is not violent. You can also live in housing only for girls.

The annulment only counts in Germany. In your home country you continue to be married. The annulment has no negative consequences for you.

You are already 18 years old and want an annulment of your marriage? Then, talk to a counselling center.

Are you pregnant? Do you have children? There is also help for you. You can read about it here.